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How to start a community garden

Permaculture puts forward the idea that working in harmony with nature and maximizing the possibilities for growing our own food can have a transformative effect on someone’s life. By extending the ideas and principles that underscore permaculture garden design into the realm of society and how people live together, it can impact upon whole communities as well. Community gardens are one way for people to feel more connected to their neighborhoods – both to the land and the other people who live there – to feel more in control of the food they eat, to collaborate in ways that bypass the competition-based capitalist economies of the developed world, and to reduce their impact upon the Earth by reducing their energy consumption (by buying less imported food, for example).
Community gardens can be a practical way for those who do not own land to get involved with permaculture, but they are also beneficial to those who may already be cultivating food on their own plot. Community gardens pro…

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